Each of the following committee members received a certificate:
President Jae Brieffies
Vice President Mutia Daruso
Vice President Duli Jayalath
Advisor Mihan De Silva
Secretary Portia Misamen
Secretary Emily Wong
Treasurer Kelvin Poulraj
Treasurer Min Seet
Publicity Araan Kousari
Publicity Talisha Jayarangsri
Publicity Samendra De Silva
Publicity Tully Davys'
An example of the certificate appears below:
After the presentation Jae Brieffies (Head Girl 2019) and Araan Kousari (Head Boy 2019) spoke on behalf of the committee.

Jae: First of all, we’d like to extend a big thankyou to the Rotary club for hosting us this evening and for recognising the work of our many exceptional students and leaders from Interact as well. 

It’s an honour to have been elected to these positions for the both of us. Because this position holds such opportunity for change and for progress that we both value very highly. The fantastic thing about Willetton is the potential greatness in so many students that we get to see and work with every day, and we view our position in the school not as one of authority, but of guidance. It is our goal to be able to unlock the greatness of the many amazing students we encounter at Willetton, and to channel their ideas and work towards the progress of our school and community. It’s a personal motto that great leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders. And this opportunity that we have been given in 2019, we hope will allow us to further empower the incredible people around us to fulfil their potential. 

Araan: Yes absolutely, Jae and I are incredibly honoured to have been elected as Willetton’s head boy and girl for 2019, we have some big shoes to fill following from last year’s head boy and head girl, Josephine and Nikita, so we hope we can make a lasting impact and live up to their legacy. 

We’re both also extremely excited to be part of the Interact club this year, we have an outstanding executive team who I’d like to congratulate, and which we’re happy to see is not composed only of senior students, instead there is a great variety of ages which is sure to bring so many different views and skill sets to the table, and ensure that there are experienced leaders for the Interact club and WSHS in years to come, the cultivation of leaders is something which the club worked so hard to ensure last year, and which I’m sure will be continued under Jae’s presidency, and something which we hope will bleed through into our work as head boy and head girl

Jae: Obviously Interact has changed both of us and helped us to grow as leaders, as individuals  and as community members. Much of what we intend to accomplish this year as school captains is strongly tied to the values we have been able to cultivate throughout our four years in Interact. Whether that be empowering our younger peers to make positive change in their communities, or encouraging others to find meaning in selfless service, we aim to create the opportunities that Interact and Willetton High has created for us, for as many students as possible. We are lucky to have an incredible group of student counsellors working with us, all of whom, I must note, are members of Interact, to achieve our common goals. We know that this team will continue to motivate each other, throughout 2019, to be the change that we all want to see in our school and community. We cannot thank our council and our staff base at Willetton enough, and we hope that this year, in our final year, we can give our best to the school that has shaped us in so many ways. 

Araan: And finally, thank you Mr Cubitt and the Rotary Club of Willetton for inviting us all here tonight, and thank you to our cohort and council for placing their trust in us and for all your support as together we begin our odyssey for change.