Rotarian Ian Fairnie from the Rotary Club of Applecross, explained how his Club was inspired by the TV show “Shark Tank” to provide a forum in which the Rotary Clubs of Western Australia Clubs can pitch their ideas to a group of successful Rotarians and other philanthropists (The Sharks) who can take the project or idea to the next level. Support will be given by volunteers from ICON (, a network of talented B2B professionals. to prepare the pitch.

After vetting the proposal, the Club and its ICON mentor will be ready to make a case for support from the Sharks.

The first thing to do is to go to the website and read the information, then complete the application form and send that off. The submission will then be reviewed, and if successful, the organisers will find a suitable mentor from ICON to prepare the pitch to the Sharks. 

Everyone participating will gain additional presentation and business skills, and their Club may just be one of those selected by the Sharks to take the Club's project to new heights.  

Clubs which have a new or existing social enterprise, or even just an idea for a project that would help a local or international community, should contact  Rotarian Ian Fairnie at: or: M- 0419 938 707 



Every Shelter Box that Rotary International provides to alleviate suffering in areas of the world suffering a severe calamity has one or more of these devices ( It provides months of light in areas where no emergency power is available, and also provides relief for people recovering from natural disasters. LuminAID first appeared on the US version of the TV show Shark Tank 

Path of Hope 

While a women’s refuge provides short term protection from continued domestic violence, the real cost to the women and children is immense, and the failure of some women to move on to non-violent relationships provided the motivation for a planned process of pastoral care and mental health counselling, and the establishment of the Path of Hope Foundation to make the program sustainable. (Rotary Club of Perth project with Salvation Army, Perth) 

Russian Hospital Project, Cambodia 

Built with Soviet Aid funds, until 2017 this hospital had no running water and many otherwise healthy individuals died from infections acquired during surgery.(Applecross Rotary and Rotary Club of Phnom Penh) 

The School of St Yared, Ethiopia 

The School of St Yared, provides an education to talented, impoverished children from the poorest suburbs of Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia.(Rotary Club of Attadale, Santa Maria College, Hope for Children and Rotary Club of Addis Ababa - Bole) 

Maternal and infant mortality, Zambia 

A portable ultrasound machine and technical training reduced mortality due to breech birth by 40% and provided a revenue stream that is making communities self sufficient in maize meal as well.(Lazer Safe project, potential Rotary partnership?) 

True Blue Dreaming 

Country high school students in WA are mentored by university students who help open the possibilities of a career beyond the local town, or a local career made possible by further study at university or TAFE.(Supported by Applecross Rotary) 

Kit a Kid 

Local kids are unable to participate in weekend suburban team sports because of the cost of membership and the required clothing and equipment. The Fremantle Foundation can match up prospective donors with service clubs or individuals wanting to sponsor a team or individual participants.