Club Director for Youth Service, Noel Galopin, was visiting Denmark WA and while there he searched for a Rotary Club in the town. To his surprise he discovered that there isn't one and instead, with the help of Mr Google, discovered the Rotary Club of Copenhagen International in District 1470, Denmark. The Club was Chartered on 11 November 1995 and has thirty one (31) members  led by President Robert Kerr. They meet at Radisson Collection Hotel Copenhagen at 5.30pm on Mondays and have the distinction of being the only fully English-speaking Rotary Club in Copenhagen. People join the Club for different reasons, but the one common element is its international flavour representing at least sixteen (16) nationalities and counting. They get to know each other better through their Club Of Six (where groups of six members dine at a member's home or a restaurant once a month) This results in good old Danish ’hygge’ (Hue-guh) which is a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and being comfortable with feelings of wellness and contentment. This socialising also helps bridge cultures and borders and facilitates the Club's local and international Good Works organised around:
Mentoring others through various international organisations based in Copenhagen such as the Professional Women's Network (PWN)
Youth through Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE), Rotaract and scholarships.
International Projects. Currently they are improving the sanitation of and the water supply for an elementary school in Mixco, Guatemala with three hundred and fifty (350) students and fifteen (15) teachers.