The Rotary Club of Stirling is located just north of the mid point between Glasgow and Edinburgh in Scotland. I chose this city as Darlene and I had visited the area five years ago as part of an ancestral tour. All our family have been DNA tested and the results indicated we have a very high percentage of Scottish heritage. 

The Club is located in District 1010 and held its first meeting on 13 October, 1926. They meet every Friday at the Golden Lion Hotel right in the centre of Stirling City. Their claim to fame is the only Club in Scotland to meet at Friday lunchtime. They led my President (Mr) Robin Sutton.and have thirty two (32) members including one lady.

The Club volunteer at the Stirling Railway Station to make the platforms look more attractive with plants and shrubs; they organise litter pickup operations in and around Stirling; transport handicapped people to local swimming lessons; and have youth activities similar to other reasonable sized Clubs.

They raise funds through several fishing and golfing competitions each year; and promote donation drives in the local shopping centre. They also have a gardening group who grow vegetables and flowers; support the Air Ambulance; promote the awareness of prostate cancer; and arrange film nights, support a Youth Orchestra and steam train excursions.


Rotary Club of Hobart, Tasmania is in District 9830 and was chartered on 5 August 1924. It is led by President David Berechree and has seventy five (75) members who meet at the Hotel GrandChancellor, Constitution Dock, Hobart on Thursdays at 1pm. Constitution Dock is the destination of the annual Sydney to Hobart yacht race It has  extensive marina and ferry facilities and also the State's Museum and Art Gallery. The Club is very active and raise funds through an Art Show raising over $20,000pa; a Charity Sail Day raising over $1m over the past thirty one (31) years; and a Magic Show raising over $15,000pa. They are also involved in a Civics for Citizenship which is an Essay Competition for school children aimed at promoting an interest and involvement in civic duties.