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It was a steamy meeting on Monday night.........there was no air-conditioning. However we soldiered on and welcomed visiting Rotarian Les Woodland and his wife Marilyn; plus the President of the Rotary Club of Canning (nee Rossmoyne), Lorraine Horsley and Past President Barry Berger; and Willetton Senior High School (WSHS) student Tom along with his parents Francis and Maria. Tom is severely sight impaired and as a result needed some way of recording school work presentations for later enlargement and study. The perfect tool for this is an Apple iPad Pro with accompanying smart keyboard which the Trustees of the Pat Moylan Memorial Trust (PMMT) agreed to fund in conjunction with contributions from Tom’s parents and the Rotary Club of Canning. We thank both parties very much for putting in and provide some background on the PMMT below. 

Tom receives the iPad and wireless keyboard from Trustee David Honeychurch. He will use it for: 

Distance Vision- To take images of Board work; enlarge text to take notes at his desk; and to access all smart board (electronic interactive whiteboard) content directly on the iPad; and 

For Near Vision-Read text books and work sheets emailed from teachers; take images to enlarge work sheets, diagrams and pictures from books; access the Classpad (electronic graphing calculator); his calculator and iBooks.

President Rob with Tom and President Rotary Club Of Canning, Lorraine Horsley

I thank David Honeychurch for proposing the international toast to the Rotary Club Of Basel, Switzerland. He did so against the back drop of Roger Federer's support for the Hopman Cup (and sadly, his later defeat at the Australian Open at the hands of upcoming Greek star, Stefanos Tsitsipas), Basel is Federer's birthplace. They are a very large Club and much like us they have a significant commitment to Youth and the Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) program. 

Speaking of RYE...Anna made the surprise announcement that after about three (3) months of holidays she is looking forward to returning to school. After all girl can only have so much sun, sea and surf. Then again, perhaps not! 

David Coldwell has once again agreed to run the Plant Stall at the Community Fair on Sunday 7 April and I thank the six or so members who've volunteered their horticultural skills to help him during the "growing season" Other stalls will include Sno Cones run by Sue Pusey; Cardboard City by Steve Pusey; Home Goods by Mary Henderson; Sausage Sizzle by Kevin Baruffi with the loan (we hope) of the Rotary Club of Canning's barbecue trailer; and the Silent Auction by Ric Davies. All these require plenty of prior planning and preparation, especially the Silent Auction where any support which can be garnered from donors will be greatly appreciated. It is surprising what people will donate. They only need to be asked. 


The RC Of Basel It is oldest club in northwestern Switzerland in Rotary District 1980. When chartered on 20 July 1925 it had twenty five (25) founding members and was the fifth Club to be established in Switzerland. It has been a dual gender Club since 1993, and now has 114 members. The current President is: Daniel Staehelin and the Club meets at the Restaurant Schlüsselzunft, Freie Strasse 25, Basel on Mondays at 12.15pm.


The trust was established in 1998 as a memorial to Rotarian Pat Moylan who prior to his untimely death, was a great advocate for the Youth in our community and on Rotary exchange

There are three Trustees who currently are Stuart Diggins, Steve Pusey and David Honeychurch

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