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Since my last message to you the Club has met a number of times via ZOOM and then in person at the Thai Junction Restaurant, Southlands Shopping Centre where we got reacquainted with members and partners and celebrated Johanna's eighteenth birthday. She's pictured below with me just after receiving her presents.

Our next meeting (this time at the Market City Tavern (Caddy's) in Canningvale) on Monday 29 June 2020 was also "in the flesh" We were there principally to hear Johanna's final  presentation which appears below. Johanna flew home to Sweden on 12 July 2020. It's was a pleasure to have had her with us and we congratulate her on the exemplary way she conducted herself throughout her exchange. She deserves great credit for that and our heartfelt thanks for the interest and enjoyment she brought to us. 


Hi everyone. I would like to start this little presentation by telling  you about the book I just gave to you. As we all know, we got stuck inside for about 4 weeks and we were quite limited when it came to what we could do. So I really tried to stay busy by painting, playing music and running, but one day my host mum, Lynda, came up with the amazing idea that I should make a recipe book. So what you have in front of you, is a collection of a few recipes that I have either eaten or cooked during my time here, and I would call the book my little corona project.

 When I first arrived in Australia, I did not know much about the culture and how things were done here and it took me sometime to get used to it all. For you, it is nothing strange about walking around in thongs in the shops, but if I am being honest, I was a bit uncomfortable with the idea of exposed feet while shopping for food when I saw it for the first time. Also, I want to mention the food. It is not a huge difference in what you eat, but rather when it comes to when and how. It is more common with a quick and easy lunch and I needed to start bringing food to school, which looks something like this.

 At the start, I actually really struggled with these smaller and quicker lunches, because in Sweden, you are served a big meal at school and you sit down for 45 minutes to an hour, enjoying the meal with your mates. Having lunch is definitely a bigger event at home and to do it differently here in Australia, made me really hungry in the afternoons, but of course, I soon adapted to it.

Steve chose the Rotary Club of Pittsburgh because it's a city he often visited on business before he retired. It is located in District 7305 and was Chartered in 1910. Its members are led by President Ray Steeb. They meet weekly on a Wednesday from noon to 1:30 pm at the Penn Hotel.  Members also meet on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month for networking in a social environment at a local business, bar, or restaurant. The club supports a variety of service projects locally, regionally, nationally and internationally..Local–Pittsburgh Rotary Ethical Excellence Awards; Day of Service initiative; financial support for outstanding local students through the provision of scholarships; spelling bee to promote local literacy;.International – Shoes for Nicaragua,; Funding of two Nicaragua Health Care Clinics; Polio Plus,;support for the Syrian Refugee Education Program and Hekima Place (Kenya) provides a home and opportunity for the education to girls. 


The general managers of Cascade Brewery (Tasmania), Tooheys (New South Wales), XXXX (Queensland), CUB (Victoria) and Coopers (South Australia) were at a national conference.

They decided to go to lunch together and the waitress asks what they want to drink.

The General Manager of Tooheys says without hesitation, “I’ll have a Tooheys New.”

The General Manager of XXXX smiles and says, “I’ll have a XXXX Gold.”

The General Manager of Coopers proudly says, “I’ll have a Coopers, the King of Beers.”

The bloke from Cascade says, “I’ll have a Cascade, the cleanest draught on the planet.”

The General Manager from Carlton glances at his lunch mates and says, “I’ll have a Diet Coke.”

The others look at him like he has sprouted a new head.

He shrugs and says, “Well if you guys aren’t drinking beer, then neither will I.”


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