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Better late than never I suppose.....that's to say this bulletin is coming to you much later than usual. The editor has had other pressing issues to attend to.

We had our returning exchange student Aashka Bhavsar with us  and it was a delight to witness her conversing in fluent French with our current inbound exchange student Anna. It was also great to hear Aashka's presentation which she delivered with great enthusiasm, feeling and more than one poem. It was moving and informative as you'll see from the report below.

Aashka with Club Director of International Service, Paul Daly

Anna is back at school now and into her French, English, Sports and Cooking classes. She's also on the hunt for a ball dress to wear to the Willetton Senior High School (WSHS) Ball in a months time. If anyone has a size 10/12 dress that she could borrow could you please contact her on 0475 244 808.

While speaking of WSHS it's was great to learn that many of our Interact Club members excelled in their Year 11 exams and that WSHS was again in the top ten Public secondary schools. 

The Willetton Rotary Community Fair Chair, Simon Cubitt gave us an update on preparations and the various administrative functions which have been or are to be completed to satisfy the City of Canning (amongst others) that the activity is compliant with all requirements, including insurance, risk, traffic and waste management. Healthway have approved our application for sponsorship and we now await word from Lotterywest who have required a greater cash injection from the Club than in previous years. Hopefully will have a positive response from them very soon. 

David Coldwell has once again agreed to run the Plant Stall and I thank the six or so members who've volunteered their horticultural skills to help him during the "growing season" Other stalls will include Sno Cones run by Sue Pusey; Cardboard City by Steve Pusey; Home Goods by Mary Henderson; Sausage Sizzle by Kevin Baruffi with the loan (we hope) of the Rotary Club of Canning's barbecue trailer; Toys, Tools, Books and Knick Knacks by Maureen Webster; and the Silent Auction by Ric Davies. All these require plenty of prior planning and preparation, especially the Silent Auction where any support which can be garnered from donors will be greatly appreciated. It is surprising what people will donate. Ric has already distributed a flyer for members to use and, to avoid duplication, will let everyone know what organisations have already been approached.  We will also have a prospectus available for use as a marketing tool. 

So that it's not all work and no play, we are holding a Barefoot Bowls night for members, partners and family at the Willetton Bowling Club on Monday 18 February 2019; and continuing the theme we are planning a caravan and camping weekend for 3-5 May 2019 (the first weekend after the school holidays). I thank Mary Henderson for organising the bowls night and Ian Ross for the caravan/camping weekend.,1,elDJGarmK7umEA42d8OzK02LQBnBRPAw9RUTRhnKJ2l4bnYegmwpxqviv4SvvT2os9tnawIQx6YSTmEASgiCBU-EE46EEQnFRqz_DBuw1CzhowPTzrcINMRuZDy2&typo=1

Aashka presents
To view Aashka's slide presentation Click here
To view Aashka's written presentation Click here
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