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Hello everyone. To borrow and cannibalise a saying: One week is a long time in Rotary....if you are waiting for a Bulletin to appear. Two weeks would be even longer, but the Editor's back o the job after a week on other (Rotary) duties. So you'll get two for the price of one.
On Monday 12 March 2018 we were again fortunate to have our two visitors from Kenya: Rotarian Victoria Sande and her partner Mpinga; and also our guest speaker James Dow, his parents Bill and Doreen  and his brother Thomas. James had recently returned from Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) in Spain and made some very interesting observations about the benefits of RYE. We had hoped to report fully on this, but there've been more than a few glitches to prevent it. With a bit of  luck we'll have it in the next edition of the Chronicles and for now will have to be content with a photo of James with it seems, inevitably, our  Club Director of Youth Service, the inimitable Simon Cubitt.
However, complements of Ashley West's international toast, we did glean some information about James' Spanish hosts, the Rotary Club of Albacete. (See at right).
Continuing the theme of the "best laid plans of mice and men......" our guest speaker for 19 March 2018 was unable to attend,.So after delivering the international toast to The Rotary Club of Chandigarh (at right) and in true "can do" style, Parry Kahlon, stepped up to the plate to give an impromptu and illuminating Thumbnail sketch which we report below. 
Next week, 26 March 2018, we will be presenting certificates to the Year 12 Willetton Senior High School (WSHS) Head boy and girl and to all ten office bearers of the WSHS Interact Committee. They'll be accompanied by their parents and this presentation will be followed by a "close shave" when student, Jay Brieffies will have her locks removed to raise funds for Variety's Hair With Heart. To donate to Jay Click Here . Simon Cubitt is also likely to "take the cut" and he's also looking for sponsorship from Club members. So dig deep! 
See Simon's full report (below right) on Youth Service Activities and preparations for the Willetton Rotary Community Fair.

That brings us to Cole and the whole two weeks of his life Down Under. In the first week "danced the light fantastic" at his school ball and didn't miss the opportunity for a photo with his new host parents Emma and Kayne Kake. 
We hear he carried these rhythmic skills on to the Gala dinner at the District conference last weekend where he was seen keeping perfect time with the music, while gyrating amongst a group of his fellow exchange students.We are  bit surprised he wasn't weighed down after visiting the Margaret River Cheese and Chocolate factories and munching on a great tasting a local granola on the way down. He must have worked off some extra kilojoules the week before when Ashley West took him to fly like at eagle at iFly Skydiving in Rivervale, not to mention his regular body boarding, surfing and kayaking. He may also have regained some of his strength when he fell asleep watching the Rugby at Optus Stadium!  
Speaking of District Conference, I have no hesitation in saying it was very, very good with a range of speakers setting a uniformly high standard on topics as varied as Communicating and Community; the extraordinary fund raising efforts for the homeless by the very dynamic twelve year old, Vincent Pettinicchio; Fatherhood as the thin red line between the healthy (or otherwise) development of children; to the Rotary Soapbox featuring ten five minute snapshots of local and international Rotary projects to illustrate "What is Rotary". The District also has a website devoted entirely to this. To view, Click Here. 
The Rotary International President's Representative (RIPR-make of that what you will! ED), PDG Tim Moore.from the Rotary Club of Berwick was also impressive delivering his message in a familiar and effective Aussie fashion. He also impressed Cole with his observation that the Exchange students were very well behaved. That's a feather in their cap, but no doubt helped by a very watchful chaperone in PP Ross Grafton from the Rotary Club of Rossmoyne.  
To see the full programme Click Here.                                                                             
Ashley West and I met with representatives from the City of Canning and the Rotary Club of Rossmoyne to advance planning for the Tree Planting now tentatively scheduled for to occur on Tuesday 12 June 2018 at two parks yet to be selected and involving two teams of around fifteen each. The City is right behind the project and will be a great help in realising Rotary International President, Ian Riseley's vision. 
During April while Secretary John is in Europe, Stuart Diggins will be holding the fort and dealing with all things Secretarial including Club duties. 

After being put on the spot to provide a thumbnail sketch, Parry Kahlon rose to the occasion. He is a Sikh by birth, but otherwise as Australian as the rest of us. He was born and grew up in Jalandhar city of the northern Indian states of Punjab in a farming family where he completed his education in Mechanical Engineering before migrating to Australia to be with the love of his life, Rajbindor, who had migrated about three (3) years earlier. They've been married for thirty-one years and have two daughters (one practicing law in WA and the other a nurse who is also studying Master in Nursing at Monash University in Melbourne) and a son who is studying to be a veterinarian.  

Once in Australia, Parry completed a degree in Computer Science and for the last thirty years has worked for Alcoa in various roles. In between times he has been Secretary of the Indian Society, Vice President of Sikh Association of Western Australia, Hockey Coach at Willetton Hockey Club for many years and most recently ran for local government elections in city of Canning as well as joining our Club to give back to the community. 

By choice Parry doesn’t wear a turban although his father-in-law did and while in hospital for something completely different, was asked by an inquisitive youngster how badly he had hurt his head! 

Sikhs began migrating to Australia 190 years ago and were in great demand as cameleers, but their history, of which Parry is understandably proud, dates all the way back to the fifteenth century.

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Ashley West proposed a toast to the Rotary Club of Albacete. It was chartered on 13 April 1991, is in Rotary International District 2201 and is one of about 190 Clubs in Spain. The Club has twenty two (22) members led by President D. Justino Javier Lopez Carretero and meets at 10pm  (that's not a typo! ED) on Thursdays at El Callejon Restaurant. Information about their projects is scant, but we've been able to establish that they sponsored the recording of the Hymn of the Institute Bachiller Sabuco and each year give and award to an outstanding  Public Servant. The Club has been recognised with three Presidential citations. 

  • Founding members Rotary Club Albacete

Parry Kahlon proposed a toast to The Rotary Club of Chandigarh in Rotary International District 3080, India. It is home club of Rajendra K. Saboo, who in 1991-1992 was the second Indian to become the Rotary International President.

The Club is located in Rotary International District 3080.  They meet every Monday at 6.15 pm at Rotary House, 
107-A, Sector 18-A, Chandigarh. Their President is  Piara Matharoo and their GoodWorks include helping socially disadvantaged children through: The Heart Line Project for those with congenital cardiac conditions; and two joint projects with the Rotary Club of Charlotte, USA: The Gift of Hearing providing aids to the hearing impaired; and the Gift of Vision for those suffering from retina detachment and other eye injuries/ailments requiring surgery. 

Not only is Simon Cubitt the Club Director for Youth Service, but he also chairs the Willetton Rotary Community Fair Committee. So it seemed only right we combine the two for his report.
On Youth Service, applications are open until 31 March 2018 for budding scientists to apply to attend the National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) to be held in Canberra and Brisbane over forthcoming December/January period. The Club would like to sponsor up to three students at a cost of $4,950 (one half the total cost). If you know of a deserving candidate do please put their name forward for consideration.
Click here  for more information and
Click Here. to contact Simon. 
The next Rotary Youth Programme of Enrichment (RYPEN) will be held in May. It cost $300 per student and the Club plans to sponsor up to ten for $250 each with the students to provide the balance.  The students are often drawn from WSHS, but if you know of one who would benefit, please let Simon know.
Click Here for more information and
Click Here to contact Simon. 
 On the Willetton Rotary Community Fair. We are now just three weeks away from Sunday 8 April, so time is of the essence. Everyone is encouraged to pitch in-especially with items for the Silent Auction (managed by Ric Davies): but also with Books (managed by Maureen Webster and Jill Cubitt); Plants (managed by David Coldwell); or Home Goods (managed by Mary Henderson) . Rob Webster has issued the second draft of roles and responsibilities. Please review it and let him know if any changes are needed. The Fair committee will meet to finalise details on Tuesday 27 March 2018. On the day, we need as many people at the Burrendah Reserve by 6am to deal with all the last minute details and the rush of stall holders. 
Voltaire said that the art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while Nature affects a cure.
I have finally reached the stage where a reliable set of bowels is worth more to a man than brains.
My advice to you if you insist on a diet-eat as much as you like just don’t swallow.
And some things to ponder:
Which one of us is the opposite sex?
Why is abbreviation such a long word?
Do mosquitoes ever sleep?
Instead of having ballerinas prancing around on tip toe, why don't they hire taller dancers? 
Dr Thomas Sowell is an American intellectual giant who has had some pithy things to say about a life observed
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