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Rob Webster
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It was a big night in a small, cosy area on Monday, when our dinner meeting was "relocated" to the western end of the public dining room to make way for a large primary school group's end-of-year celebrations. However neither our guests nor we were fazed and we managed to almost complete the meeting before the DJ struck up next door.
It was my pleasant duty to welcome the Deputy Chair of ROMAC, Past District Governor (PDG) Brian Eddy. ROMAC is the acronym for “Rotary Oceania Medical Aid for Children”. It is a multi District project of Rotary in Australia and New Zealand, run entirely by volunteer Rotarians since its inception thirty (30) years ago. Brian was here to let us know a bit more about the organisation and to accept a donation of $1,000 from the Interact Club of Willetton (IC Of W) presented by President Mihan De Silva and Vice President Duli Jayalath under the watchful eye of facilitator Sue Thorp. The Club also gave $1,000. We report further on ROMAC and Interact below. BUT to view IC Of W's recent entry into the Interact Video Awards 2018 Click here
It was then an even greater pleasure to witness the induction of our newest member, Neelam Badve. She was introduced by the Club Director for Membership, Vic Camp, and inducted by Past President Greg Vines. I thank both for their sterling efforts and welcome Neelam into the family of Rotary. Through her background and her willingness to contribute she has exhibited the qualities which make for a great Rotarian.             
Neelam works with the WA State Department of Communities and is involved in their Christmas Presents Drive to bring joy to the lives of children and young people in state care. I know she has appreciated the help from all those members of the Club who have contributed.  
And while on the Christmas theme, Club Director of Community Service, Ashley West, reported that the Club will not be doing its usual Christmas activity with Manna or Riverton Leisureplex as neither organisation has responded to his many attempts to make the necessary arrangements. 
Due to illness Club Director of Youth Service, Simon Cubitt, was unable to attend the meeting but word has it that the Rotary WA Driver Education (RWADE) course at Claremont show grounds on Thursday 29 November and Friday 30 November for about 380 WSHS Year 10 students, was very successful.  
Simon holding forth!!
The visit to the SAS Regiment Museum at Campbell Barracks facilitated by Paul Todd and organised by Greg Hamilton was also successful even though not as many attended as hoped; nor did we realise until afterwards that the museum was created and is funded and run entirely from within the Regiment's own resources and that donations are therefore always welcome. We will correct that oversight. 
Next Monday, 17 December, is our last meeting for the year. We will be having a BBQ at the Golf Club for members, partners and friends. It's very important that members let Attendance Officer Wayne Hand know if you will be bringing guests or will be an apology by no later than 12 noon on Friday 14 December. Our next meeting will then be the President's BBQ on 7 January to be held either on the Shelley foreshore or if not permitted by the City of Canning, at Mary and Dave Henderson's home. We will let you know the venue in good time. 
Christmas is a time when we remember members, friends and close family who have passed away during the year. For us it was Carol Biemel and Greg Delfs and for my wife Maureen, her mother and, sadly, during last week, her father.    
This will be the last Willetton Chronicle for the year and so my last opportunity to formally wish you all the very best for the festive season and for 2019. It's been a pleasure to be "at the helm" and I look forward to the New Year with great anticipation of more good things to come for the Club, all members and their families.  We'll also be welcoming back Eddie Thong from Sydney. 

Neelam and was born in Mumbai, India. Her mother is 82 years old and is in good health. She also has one sister who owns a restaurant.  

From Left : President Rob Webster with Vice President Interact Club of Willetton (IC Of W), Duli Jayalath and President Mihan De Silva who together presented their cheque for $1,000 to ROMAC Deputy Chair, PDG Brian Eddy.
After the presentation Mihan and Duli spoke about the work of their Club during 2018; how thankful they are for all the support they have received; and that their goals and values have been inspired by the words of  American historian, playwright and social activist, Howard Zinn, who said that:
 "Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can change the world."  
They said how pleased their members were to be joining with the Rotary Club to make a donation to ROMAC and how grateful that their small act, multiplied by the members of Rotary Club of Willetton, has the potential to change the life of a child in desperate need of medical attention, for the better. President Mihan went on to say that:

There are not too many different ways to tell the ROMAC story, because the organisation does the same thing each and every year by saving the lives of thirty (30) to forty (40) children. Their lives are saved by providing very sophisticated medical treatment in Australia or New Zealand. That medical treatment in most cases doesn’t exist in their home country or is certainly not available to them.

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In her role as a facilitator Sue Thorp told us that the Interact Club commenced in 2014 with under twenty (20) students. It now has over sixty (60) members, four facilitators and a practical involvement with the Rotary Club of Willetton which the Interactors really appreciate!

During 2018 the Club planted a record 1500 trees in the Lynwood Wetlands and worked at a homeless shelter. Some members even helped to update facilities at a school in remote a part of Vietnam. At school they sold hot cross buns, ice cream sundaes and hot chocolate, (all totally nutritional!) and raised $6838.60.

To say it is a dynamic and motivated group to be involved with would be an understatement! They even made it into a a double page spread in the Willetton Year Book (although not the centrefold!)

Following a change to the formula used to be able to graduate, there is no longer the ability to average a B and D grade to get 2 Cs. One pathway for less academic students to still graduate is to participate in programs developed by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority, by a school or a private provider. These endorsed programs are equivalent to a semester subject and can be used as a ‘C’ average if a student doesn’t pass a wide enough range of subjects to graduate. Rotary International Australia has written an endorsed program to recognise the work that some exceptional Interact students complete each year.

In 2018 Sue offered the executive team the opportunity to have their hours of community service in the Interact Club recognised on their Certificate of Secondary Graduation. To achieve recognition a students had to do fifty five (55) hours of community service. They were asked to record their hours and also to complete some worksheets where they were asked to reflect on various activities and offer suggestions for improving activities and for Interact in the future. The Club members completed hundreds of hours of service between them. Better still, five (5) of the executive team completed more than 55 hours and six (6) completed more than 110 hours and so achieved recognition for two endorsed programs, the equivalent of two (2) semester’s study. (Duli and Mihan were stand outs doing  134 hours and 161 hours respectively). 

These results will be recorded on the student's Certificate of Secondary Graduation. It will be a formal recognition of their community service, which is a requirement for entry into some universities and an important benefit for entry into the workforce. Next year Sue is hoping to go ‘online’ so ALL members can track their hours with the potential for more to achieve recognition. 

Sue thanked the Club for its support and for inviting Mihan, Duli and her to speak to the club.

Santa has it about right- visit people once a year’
It’s great to be here tonight-let's face it-at my age it’s great to be anywhere’
My father took up walking 5 miles every day when he was 60.
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