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For this meeting we welcomed Fran Taylor who came along to speak to us about her life long love of the sea, her extensive experience on the Sail Training Ship Leeuwin and her books Wind In My Wings in which she records her sailing experiences on various tall ships and Ships That Pass In The Night about the Titanic and the Past Revisited.  We report below.
We were also delighted to have our new inbound exchange student Anna Longlune from Belgium back with us again and enjoyed her first report. Apart from catching up with three other exchange students from Denmark, Germany and Italy respectively, she is right into her French lessons at school and has even been teaching others. 
Our retrospective International toasts come from John Erkins, Glenn Trim and Stuart Diggins and range far and wide from the Netherlands and onto Canada and New Zealand. 
But closer to home District Governor Robyn has asked us to throw our support behind The Fighting For Our Farmers 2018 Drought Relief Fund which is an initiative of Rotary Australia in partnership with the Channel 9 Today Show and the National Farmers Federation. See all the details in the right column.
And even closer again, the Club Director for Vocational Service, Kevin Baruffi, has undertaken to provide lunch in support of the Kulbardi Indigenous Open Day on Friday 24 August 2018 at Murdoch University involving up to 150 participants. I will be assisting him and would be grateful of the help of a couple of volunteers. 
Monday was also the evening after the night before when apart from the very unpleasant incident behind the play, the West Coast Eagles emerged victorious from the Western Derby It was therefore entirely appropriate to present the "punctured pill" to chief cheer leader for the Fremantle Dockers, Simon Cubitt, for safe keeping. 
Simon also featured promoting the Rotary Shopping Bag, an initiative of District 9455. These bags have been produced as a fund raiser and the Club will order a quantity for on-selling. 
Finally I spoke with Erwin during the week. He has commenced treatment and preliminary results are encouraging although it makes him susceptible to infection. As always he will appreciate contact from us whenever possible.    
Fran Taylor was born and grew up in Scotland on the banks of the River Clyde. Her love of the sea began at fourteen and during her adult life she has sailed all over the world in a number of "Tall Ships"  including plenty of sea time on the WA based Sail Training Ship (STS) Leeuwin. 
Over the period from 14-28 May, we heard from John Erkins, Glenn Trim and Stuart Diggins who respectively, proposed International Toasts to the Rotary Clubs of Landgraaf, South Netherlands, Halifax Harbourside, Nova Scotia Canada and Port Nicholson, Wellington New Zealand.

In Australia, farmers are the lifeblood of our country and they are in crisis.  Record breaking heat and lack of rain means farmers are struggling to feed sheep and cattle, and keep crops alive.  Families on the land are suffering and they need our help.  Channel 9 and Rotary Australia have partnered with the National Farmers’ Federation, launching an appeal to big business and everyday Australians, so we can provide some emergency relief.  100% of donations goes to the farmers and is tax deductible via Rotary and Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS).  Every dollar counts. 
The link for the donation page for the project is:
The RAWCS website home page has the link also:
I forgot my newspaper when I went to the toilet this morning-we have 428 tiles on the bathroom floor. 
When I was young I used to believe that money was the most important thing in life. Now I am older I know it is!!
A verbal contract is not worth the paper it's written on.
I like banks because that's where the money is. Willie Sutton American Bank Robber
And Charles Dickens-The first rule of business is to do unto others before they do it unto you.
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