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We have a few weeks to catch up on with this bulletin but I must first tender an apology from the Editor for omitting to mention that Debra Lievense is also a facilitator for the Willetton Senior High School (WSHS) Interact Club; and for mis-spelling the names of Facundo Boly and Roshni Malvathu in the report about the recent Rotary Youth Programme of Enrichment (RYPEN) camp. Beyond the apology we have yet to decide on what punishment to administer!!!

Over the past two meetings we've had Tim Gibney speak to us about Ancient Rome and prove once and for all that "It Wasn't Built in a  Day"; and Professor Tele Tan who gave us an update on the Autism Academy For Software Quality Assurance (AASQA). We report on both below, but here I want to say how delighted we were to be acknowledged along with seventeen other organisations, through The 2018 Business Higher Education Round Table (BHERT) Awards for Outstanding Collaboration for National Benefit in support of AASQA. 

We also acknowledged another outstanding achievement for the commitment, dedication and downright "stickability" of our three remaining charter members, David Fraser, Steve Pusey and Ian Ross who inducted thirty seven years (37) years ago on 22 June 1982.

From L to R: David Fraser, Steve Pusey and Ian Ross

While on the subject of membership, we've had a number resignations recently, including Eddy Thong, Neelam Badve, Bernard Crooks and Paul Daly. They will all be sadly missed and of course, more than welcome to visit at anytime and to rejoin if their circumstances permit. In the meantime we wish them all the best with a special mention for Paul Daly who was recently promoted to Inspector in the WA Police and given a very challenging role. 

Our exchange student, Anna, lifted our spirits with her take on the North West Safari using very professional video she produced and directed. To view it Click here. Anna has not long to go now before she returns home to Belgium so we need to make sure we enjoy her company while we can. 

We have also had two international toasts in recent weeks delivered with their usual aplomb by "Lethal" Leigh Thorp on the Rotary Club of Portsmouth, UK; and Vic Camp on the Rotary Club of Billund in Denmark. See at right. 

Club Changeover will be held at the Willow Pond Restaurant 459 Nicholson Road, Canningvale commencing at 6.30pm for 7pm. I'm looking forward to seeing you all there and thank everyone for the support I've received over the last two years. It's been very gratifying, is the mark of a great Club and has contributed in no small way to everything we've achieved........and as you'll see from my report below, that's plenty. 

While I'm on matters financial I wanted to acknowledge that Richard Ibbitson's daughter-in-law Kelly came along to our meeting on 17 June. We were delighted to have her there and appreciated her keeping an eye on our Treasurer. (I know, I know, it's a long bow we've drawn here. ED)

Tim Gibney shared his passion for the history of the Roman empire with the Club and proved once and for all that Rome was definitely not built in a day. To view his excellent presentation Click here

From L to R Club Foundation Chair, Stuart Diggins, Professor Tele Tan, and President Rob Webster

Tele Tan obtained his PhD degree in Electronics Engineering at Surrey University (UK) in 1993, in the area of computer vision. Since then he has served as a Senior Member of Technical Staff at the, National Laboratories of the Defence Science Organisation in Singapore, and in 2000 he moved to research and academia. He is currently a Professor at the Faculty of Science and Engineering at Curtin University and Director of the Autism Academy for Software Quality Assurance (or AASQA). His research interests are in assistive technologies and rehabilitation engineering, which he uses to solve health and social challenges in our community. 

Tele's main teaching and learning passion is the adoption of work integrated learning to support the teaching of Information Technology undergraduates. To this end, Tele established a working group a couple of years ago comprised of representatives from education, industry and autism organisations to create opportunities for people with Autism Spectrum Disorders gain employment in the IT job market. This initiative resulted in establishment of AASQA at Curtin University, and its mission is to establish training programs that ensure continued and sustainable employment for autistic students in IT and related work areas.

Our Club continues to support this worthy endeavour and Tele gave us an update of the Academy’s activities since his last visit. To view it Click here

President Rob presented his Annual report to the Club and thanked everyone for making 2018/19 a very successful year. This included countless hours of voluntary work and expenditure of around $73,000 on a variety of Good Works. Rob foreshadowed more challenging fund raising times ahead which might curtail some aspects of our Good Works. It will be a matter of cutting our cloth to suit, but with care the Club will still be punching well above its weight. To read Rob's report Click here.
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Victor Camp
June 12
Kieran English
June 21
John Erkins
June 23
Kay Barton
June 23
Greg Vines
June 29
Spouse Birthdays
Rabinder Kahlon
June 13
June 13
Fran Erkins
June 23
Steven Pusey
Sue Pusey
June 22
Join Date
Lindsay Burkett
June 1, 1994
25 years
Peter Cullen
June 1, 1991
28 years
Pushpa Pushpalingam
June 1, 1985
34 years
Parry Kahlon
June 19, 2017
2 years
Parry Kahlon
June 19, 2017
2 years
David Fraser
June 22, 1982
37 years
Ian Ross
June 22, 1982
37 years
Steven Pusey
June 22, 1982
37 years
Ric Davies
June 23, 1989
30 years
Kay Barton
June 28, 2003
16 years
Leigh Thorp toasts the Rotary Club of Portsmouth and Southsea

There are at least five (5) other Rotary Club’s of Portsmouth – in New Hampshire, Dominica West Indies, Virginia, Rhode Island and Portsmouth North in the UK.

I have chosen Portsmouth by way of acknowledging the 75th Anniversary of the D-Day landings last Thursday and the importance of Portsmouth in that operation. You may recall the gathering of Her Majesty and the Heads of State of fourteen (14) other countries at Portsmouth last week.

RC of Portsmouth and Southsea celebrated its centenary year in 2016 and is currently under the Presidency of John Bishop. They have 23 members and meet at the Mountbatten Centre in Portsmouth. They alternate between dinner and lunch meetings.

Their service projects include:

  • “Youth Speaks” – a public speaking competition
  • “Kids Out” – an annual day out for disadvantaged kids
  • literacy assistance at a local school
  • assistance with the patients’ library service at Queen Alexandra Hospital
  • fundraising at the Lakeside Festival with keenly fought dragon boat racing

There was little information on the Club’s International Service however you would be pleased to know that the club engages in:

  • playing skittles, boules and golf matches
  • countryside walks
  • outings to the theatre
  • visiting other clubs

Where do they find the time to fundraise?


Vic Camp Toasts the Rotary Club of Billund
Vic Camp toasted the Rotary Club of Billund, District 1450 Denmark. (Billund is the home of Lego). The Club was chartered on 29 April 1985. It has thirty-six (36) members and is currently led by President Svend Aage Stolten. They meet on Tuesday at 5.45pm at Hotel Propellen, Nordmarksvej 3, Billund, They support a multitude of programs including End Polio Now, Rotary Youth Exchange, School Equipment for the Syrian Refugee Church, Water Projects in Africa, The Rotary Foundation and Shelterbox.
These Puns came to Dr Bob from Gordon Booth. Some are particularly groan worthy, but the Dad's among us were all ears as we are always looking for new material. Bob also thinks it's great for a change to have two people Club members can blame. Here goes:
Did you hear about the guy whose whole left side was cut off? He's all right now.
I'm reading a book about anti-gravity. It's impossible to put down.
I'd tell you a chemistry joke but I know I wouldn't get a reaction.
I used to be a banker but I lost interest.
Did you hear about the guy who got hit in the head with a can of soda? He was lucky it was a soft drink.
I don't trust these stairs because they're always up to something.
Yesterday I accidentally swallowed some food colour. The doctor says I'm OK, but I feel like I've dyed a little inside.
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