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Ian Ross
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Once again I want to acknowledge the willingness of our members to step up when a gap appears. For our meeting on 3 August it was Stuart Diggins and "Lethal" Leigh Thorp who filled the roles of Raffle Master and Sergeant-At Arms respectively. I thank them both for that and also for adding humour and good cheer to the meeting. Stuart's contribution is in the column at right under Odds and Sods and for Lethal's contribution Click here .

At the meeting our special guests were prospective member Frank Murgia; Winston (Kieran English's son); and our outbound Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) student, Emily Fisher via ZOOM from the French speaking region of Belgium. Emily thanked us for having her on the call and said it was great to be able to catch up again and know that everyone is safe and well. She then gave us a detailed, informative and entertaining account of her exchange so far and in her later written reply to us added the following example of her improving French: 

"Un grand merci à tous les membres du Rotary Club de Willetton de m'avoir donné cette chance extraordinaire et de m'avoir toujours soutenu, surtout en ces temps difficiles. Vous êtes tous formidables et je n'aurais certainement pas pu le faire sans vous! (See translation in the story below ED!)

Given our current limited resources we have had to limit to eight (8) the numbers attending the next Rotary Youth Programme Of Enrichment (RYPEN) in September 2020. It would have been less were it not for the Trustees of the Pat Moylan Memorial Trust (PMMT), David Honeychurch, Stuart Diggins and Steve Pusey agreeing to fund half the cost. As a result our Club will be the largest single contributor of students to the programme. That's a tribute to the work done by Simon Cubitt with and the support given from, the Willetton Senior High School (WSHS) over the last several years. Simon and incoming Club Director for Youth Service, Noel Galopin, have just met with school staff to facilitate a smooth handover. Noel reported on the meeting and also confirmed that with financial support from PMMT we will be sending one student to the National Youth Science Forum (NYSF) in January 2021.    

Since arriving in Belgium I've had the opportunity to visit Paris, Cologne, Maastricht, Luxembourg and just lots of cities in Belgium. 
My host family is like my second family. I have a host mum, older brother (19) and younger brother (17). I moved to them one month early because my first host sister was returning from Argentina and my hosts didn’t want me to be there in case she had COVD19. My third host family was building a house and it was supposed to be ready by August for me to change but because of not being able to work and the lack of supplies it has been delayed quite a lot, they’re still willing to host me but just later in the year when the house is finished. If all goes to plan I should be changing families at the beginning of November or end of October. Because of this I will only have three host families instead of my original four but it’s ok because I love my current family very much. 
In Europe the coronavirus has started a second wave so some countries have been labelled different colours based on the severity. Parts of France including Paris, Ile de France and other little cities are Orange, as are parts of Germany, Poland and Belgium, but majority of Belgium is still Green. while places like Spain and Sweden are Red. The colours mean: Green: may still have cases but not many and not very severe, can travel between other green countries easily with little to no restrictions Orange: has started to spike again, it is recommended not to travel to these places and if you do you must fill out a form, take a corona test, and possibly quarantine for two weeks when you return from those places. Red: severe cases and still a lot, travel is not allowed at all (in or out of the country/city), everyone is in lockdown 
I only spent one and a half months at school (all of February and up to the 13th of March). It was quite difficult because I couldn’t speak or understand French, I wasn’t forced to do the same work as my class mates but instead some of my teachers would allow me to use their class to learn French. 
Having been caught unprepared to propose a toast at the meeting on 3 August 2020, David opted to make up for it with a toast after the event. He chose the Rotary Club de Brasilia because they and all of Brazil are in the midst of the worst of the COVD19 pandemic. (Which is good a reason as any! ED) The Club is in Rotary District 4530 which includes the country's capital city, Brasilia. It was chartered on 14 May 1958 and has twenty three (23) members led by President Francisco Borges Filho. They currently meet via ZOOM on Thursday at 7.30pm. Their projects include: Social Action in support of the disadvantaged; Safeguarding Nature-a recycling and sustainability project; Wheelchairs for the disabled; Donations to the Women's Cancer Fighting Network; and Pioneer In Action a program which supports fourteen different institutions and families in need. 
What do you call a boomerang that doesn’t work?  A stick.

What do you call an accountant with an opinion? An auditor.

Want to hear a joke about paper? Never mind it's tearable.

Which word in the dictionary is spelled incorrectly? Incorrectly

You know you're Australian when.....

  • most of the words you know end in "o" such as arvo, servo, bottlo, garbo.
  • you know that there is a difference between thongs and underwear.
  • stubbies are things that can either be worn by blokes or drunk.
  • you answer most questions by saying "no worries" or "no drama".
  • when you know the national anthem but have no idea what "girt" means.
  • you know the best place to get a cooked sausage is Bunnings.

Two Aussies are drinking together. One says, “When I die, will you promise to pour a beer on my grave?” The other replies, “No worries mate, but I’ll have to pass it through my kidneys first.”

WORDS AND THEIR MEANING (The Editor found these lying around)

BARBARIAN: The man who cuts hair

CONDESCENDING: A Greek parachutist

ELECTRICIAN: A switch doctor

GRANARY: Home of senior female citizens

HYACINTH: A Yank greeting a gal called Cynthia

INCOME: What you have to make first, because you can't make it last.

MONOLOGUE: A discussion between a man and his wife

PEDESTRIAN: A motorist with teenage sons

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