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While it doesn't seem like a year has passed since the last Willetton Senior High School (WSHS) Awards night, it has, and our meeting was again devoted to celebrating the achievements of eight (8) students and one teacher. It was also an opportunity to acknowledge Principal Chris Booth and all his teachers and staff. With the motto Give, Grow, Guide they have gained an outstanding reputation as the largest government high school in Western Australia and one of the top schools in the state.

The Annual Awards are the result of a long standing collaboration between the Rotary Club of Willetton and Willetton Senior High School to recognise excellence in the arts, academics, sport, community spirit and teaching.  They are given to four students from each of years 10 and 11 and to one teacher. 

Past President Simon Cubitt was our Master of Ceremonies and reminded us of the many Youth oriented programmes of Rotary. It's quite astonishing when you see the list and gratifying to know that since its charter in 1982, this Club has been involved in most, if not all, them. We've reported on the programmes in a separate special edition of the Chronicles. . 

In the meantime assisted by teachers Andrea Wheeler (for Year 10) and Stefan Brand (for Year 11), I had the pleasure of presenting the awards to the students pictured below. We have reported separately in a special edition of the Chronicles, on the details of their achievements.

 From Left Rear: Jae Brieffies (Year 10 Academic Award); Luke Jackson (Year 10 Sports Award); Jordon  Hoffman (Year 11 Academic Award); Nikita Tcherkashnev (Year 11 Community Spirit Award) Sophie Doran (Year 11 Sports Award)

From Left Front: Jessica Banks (Year 10 Arts Award),  Duli Jayalath (Year 10 Community Spirit Award) & Erin Strie (Year 11 Arts Award)

Assisted by Principal Chris Booth it was also my pleasure to present the Teacher of the Year Award to Diane Tuxford  a highly regarded twenty year veteran in Health and Physical Education

 Diane Tuxford with Willetton Senior High School Principal Chris Booth (on left) and Club President Rob Webster 

The whole evening was a great success and I thank Simon Cubitt for orchestrating it assisted by others including Erwin Biemel who produced the certificates.

I also want to thank all the proud parents, families and friends who attended to witness the Awards. 

The night was also significant for the fact that we were welcoming Edwin (Eddie) Thong and Steve Gernoni for the last time before they become members; along with the inimitable Ernie Denham who is returning to the fold. It was great to have them all on board along with guests Graeme and Barbara Thygesen and Les and Marilyn Woodland.

It would have been good to have Cole with us, but no sooner had he returned from Sydney than he was off to Mandurah for Peel week with all his fellow exchange students. We look forward to hearing about all his adventures when he rejoins us.

I'm also delighted to report that Greg Delfs has left hospital and is convalescing at his holiday home down south at Falcon.

Despite the packed programme we still managed time for Dr Bob to philosophise and Ashley West to propose the international toast to the Rotary Club of Southhampton, Long Island New York which we report on in the right hand column. 

And also with Christmas fast approaching it's time to order cakes and puddings.  Some lines have already sold out so if your planning a purchase please check availability with Wayne Hand at 

The Rotary Club of Applecross needs our help. The Club are holding their annual Jacaranda Festival on Saturday 25 November 2017 and seek the assistance of other Rotarians and friends to help with parking for two (2) hours on the day. If you can help, please contact President Hamish Turner on 0420 855 500. 

Please remember that our meeting is at the Kent Street Weir next week and if you have not already done so, collect (and if necessary pay for) your wine purchases from Erwin Biemel's business premises; plus Ashley West will be taking donations for the Christmas collection up until 11 December, but for want of space and staff at Manna (Inc), he is unable to accept children's gifts, but will find a home for any already received. 

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Ashley and Robyn West spent a week in Southampton with ten (10) others in September, It is a very wealthy and picturesque part of the world, with large properties all with acres of green, green grass, tennis courts, swimming pools and a plethora of staff to attend to all of this, and  well worth a visit. So it was only natural that Ashley's toast was to the Rotary Club of Southampton Long Island New York in District 5119. The Club was chartered in 1946, has sixty seven (67) members led by President Tom Guldi and meets at the  Union Cantina. They are very active in their local community with a focus on the young  such as the Southhampton Little League, Cubs and Boy Scouts, Youth Groups and Services and Scholarships for graduates; and on the sick and infirm at Southampton Hospital and the East End Hospice. They raise their funds through community events such as an annual Spaghetti dinner, Southampton Fest Friday night kick-off cocktail party, Firecracker eight (8) kilometre run and three (3) mile walk.    

In view of our awards night for Willetton Senior High School students I chose a suitable quote:
"Children these days are tyrants, they contradict their parents, gobble their food and tyrannise their teachers. Socrates 425 B.C"
But having now heard about the achievements of our awardees I can say Socrates got it wrong!

The Scottish verdict “not proven” means not guilty , but don’t do it again.

And from centenarian George Burns -"This is the 6th book that I have written-not bad for a guy who had only previously read two.
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