Francesco told us that the Northern Safari was a unique experience as was "roughing" it under canvas, with bush toilets and often going a few days at a time  between showers. But he survived, had a great deal of fun and gained much from the experience. To see what he and his fellow exchange students got up to read on.

 Day One Departed from East Perth Bus and Train Station and travelled 222kms north to Jurien Bay via the Pinnacles.

Day Two Travelled from Jurien Bay via the Learning Tree at Greenough and on to the Geraldton Museum and learnt about the ships wrecked on the hostile WA coastline and then went on to the Pink Lake at Port Gregory, a distance of 293kms.

Day Three Travelled 65 kms from Port Gregory to Kalbarri for swimming, beach activities and to view the natural bridge in Kalbarri National Park.

Day Four  Travelled from Kalbarri to a Bush Camp and on the way abseiled, saw the Z Bends and Nature's Window-a distance of 180kms. 

Day Five Travelled 320kms from Bush Camp to Monkey Mia Resort and went on a sunset catamaran cruise.

Day Six  Had a full Day sailing trip out of Denham to Dirk Hartog island in the Shark Bay World Heritage Area and snorkelled and viewed marine life before returning to the Monkey Mia resort.

Day Seven Watched wild dolphins being hand fed then spent the morning canoeing before travelling 220kms to Gladstone Beach Camp

Day Eight Travelled 315kms from Gladstone to Coral Bay and set up camp at People's Caravan Park. 

Day Nine Enjoyed beach activities, travelled in a glass bottom boat to see amazing coral and giant turtles and then snorkel.

Day Ten  Continued to enjoy Coral Bay including an optional viewing of Whale Sharks.

Day Eleven A big travel day leaving Coral Bay at 7.30am to travel 547kms to Tom Price Caravan Park.

Day Twelve Rose at 4.30am and climb Mt Nameless to watch the sunrise then travelled 190kms to Karijini National Park to learn about the operation of the park, the early pioneers, aboriginal culture and artefacts and then hike the Dale gorge followed by a little camping luxury in the Karijini Eco tents.   

Day Thirteen A day of swimming and hiking at the Joffre and Knox gorges, climbing the challenging Spider Walk and onto Weano Gorge for a cool swim at Handrail Pool. 

Day Fourteen- Departed Karijini for Hamersley Gorge 264kms away to swim in the natural pools surrounded by amazing rock formations then onto Millstream and Deep Reach Pool to set up camp. 

Day Fifteen Spent the day hiking and swimming in the Millstream Chichester National and hearing about the park from the Wildlife Ranger before travelling the 182kms to Point Beach Camp to set up camp and cook pizzas. 

Day Sixteen  Departed for Murujuga National Park to visit the Burrup Peninsular which is one of the most prolific indigenous art sites in the world and learn about the huge oil and gas industry in the area before transiting to Karratha for a flight back to Perth

 And What About Photos? Well for want of a charger Francesco's phone expired at about the half way mark, but plenty of others kept a'clicking throughout. To see their efforts Click here.