Ashley and Robyn West spent a week in Southampton with ten (10) others in September, It is a very wealthy and picturesque part of the world, with large properties all with acres of green, green grass, tennis courts, swimming pools and a plethora of staff to attend to all of this, and  well worth a visit. So it was only natural that Ashley's toast was to the Rotary Club of Southampton Long Island New York in District 5119. The Club was chartered in 1946, has sixty seven (67) members led by President Tom Guldi and meets at the  Union Cantina. They are very active in their local community with a focus on the young  such as the Southhampton Little League, Cubs and Boy Scouts, Youth Groups and Services and Scholarships for graduates; and on the sick and infirm at Southampton Hospital and the East End Hospice. They raise their funds through community events such as an annual Spaghetti dinner, Southampton Fest Friday night kick-off cocktail party, Firecracker eight (8) kilometre run and three (3) mile walk.