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Burrendagh Reserve
Cnr Pinetree Gully Road and Burrendah Boulevard
Willetton, Australia  6155

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                                                  Terms and Conditions 

By registering you are deemed to have accepted the following Terms and Condtions

Your Registration 

For your registration to be accepted we need a completed registration form and payment in full of the registration fee.


All electrical cords for use at the Fair must be tagged. Electrical cords without tags will not be permitted to be used under circumstances.

The Fair organisers (the organisers) reserve the right to refuse you entry where they consider your electrical cords and/or electrical and other equipment or vehicles to be unsafe.

Entry to the Fair is via Burrendah Boulevard only.

Where possible you will be allowed to park one vehicle immediately behind or in close proximity to the rear of your allocated stall. That vehicle must then remain in situ and not be moved until released by the organisers at the conclusion of the Fair. However the organisers reserve the right to require you to park off-site prior to the commencement of the Fair and to allow return only when they consider it is safe to do so.

The Fair is a SMOKE FREE event.


You must be fully insured for Public and Product Liability and accept full responsibility for all your activities at the Fair. The organisers will not accept liability for any injury or damage arising from your production, sale or participation in the Fair.

If you have your own insurance cover you must provide a copy of your certificate of currency to the organisers prior to the event.

If you do not have your own insurance you must purchase cover under Rotary's policy. 


You agree to:

  • Not attach anything to the trees or shrubs in the Park.
  • At the conclusion of the Fair, leave your site and immediate surrounds clean and tidy and remove all your cardboard containers, boxes and all other refuse.
  •  Not remove any grass cover from the site area
  • Pay for any property damage you cause. 

Acceptance of your registration is at the organiser's discretion and they reserve the right to refuse it if it would result in an excess of like offerings; or they consider items for display and/or sale to be unacceptable or inappropriate such as swords, knives, explicit or offensive items of clothing etc.


You will receive a full refund if you cancel your registration more than two (2) weeks prior to the day of the Fair.

If you cancel within two (2) weeks of the day of the Fair you will fofeit 50% of your registration fee.