Soooo much more than a sausage sizzle !
Introduced by Rotarian Steve ,Wendy Lamotte worked very hard at getting her 7 hour message across in 25 minutes but it was extremely revealing in its approach, as to how we can hopefully gain more funds by 'thinking outside the box ' . All organisations seem to have a very binkered view at who to approach and how to go about it , whereas she revealed that by clever thinking you can source help from other areas and business's . Something that no doubt the board took 'onboard' for its next meeting .
Despite the computer fighting back Wendy got the best of it ! 
After her presentation and questions Steve took it upon himself to give the vote of thanks too !! Rotarian Erwin was very good about it and handed over the token without a fight ........
Fellow Rotarian  John gave a talk on a Global Grant Project known as The Russian Hospital Hygiene Project Cambodia . A hospital built originally in the early 1950's totally lacking in simple sanitation . By that I mean NO hand washing facilities that we would recognise as such . Therefore the death rate following surgery is extremly high as when they are admited into the hospital their whole families are often with them ! So a project to raise funds to install ( rather belatedly ) wash stations and proper toilet facilities throughout the hospital has now been launched .
As you can see we are NEVER bored during our meetings , even the Sargent was kept busy with his fines for misdemeanors  !